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ACG Group announces “Art in a Capsule” competition winners

More than 80 miniature works of art received from entrants around the world

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ACG Group recently announced the winners of ‘Art in a Capsule’ competition. It has received more than 80 miniature works of art from entrants around the world. The company launched the contest in April of this year, challenging aspiring artists to create miniature masterpieces – so tiny, in fact, that they could fit inside one of the company’s signature capsules.

The winner of the $5,000 grand prize was Ajay Kumar Mattewada, whose diminutive depiction of an India military cavalryman stood out from the pea-sized pack. Second and third places went to Rusi Barucha and Arthur Lazaryan, respectively.

Jessica Noelle Morse and Silas Gonzalez, also won $1,000 apiece for a special Judge’s Discretion category. Though its entries were small in stature, the competition itself received artwork from far and wide: 30 from ACG’s home country of India, 30+ from the United States and 25 from Europe and 4 from Latin America.

The innovative artwork showcased a diverse range of styles and subject matters, and were judged on three parameters: execution, concept and “wow” factor. Jury members included Nandini Singh, a prominent collector of Indian Art, Prof Vishwanath. D Sable, Dean, Sir JJ School of Art, one of the oldest and respected art institutions of India, and Nina Neve, an art connoisseur and ‘Wildlife artist of the year’ coordinator at David Shepherd Wildlife foundation.

Regarding the competition, Peter Neve, CMO, ACG said, “We are quite happy to see the response to our Art in a Capsule competition from across the world. It has garnered attention from promising artists, and we were inspired by how each entrant painstakingly laboured over the project, displaying not only talent but also drive and passion .”

ACG founders, the Singh Family, have been one of the most formidable corporate art collectors in India. As connoisseurs of art, the family has built a collection that now boasts over 400 individual paintings and sculptures and have supported many artists over the past 50 years.

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