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Abbott launches liquid dosing device LiDoCon


The first-of-its-kind device for liquid medicines provides accurate, hygienic and convenient dosing

Abbott has pioneered in India LiDoCon, short for Liquid Dosing Concept, a first-of-its-kind device for liquid medicines that provides accurate, hygienic and convenient dosing. This novel technology is currently being used for a cough syrup, but in time, will be extended to different types of liquid formulations. LiDoCon was conceptualised at Abbott’s Innovation and Development Centre in Mumbai.

“Our goal is to help people get and stay healthy. If you’re taking medicine to get better, you have to know you’re getting the right amount,” said Raviraj Pillai, Head of Abbott’s pharmaceutical Innovation and Development Center in Mumbai. “Our new LiDoCon dosing device is simple, compact and helps avoid spillage and product contamination. This provides safer, more accurate and convenient dosing of liquid medicines, ultimately making it easier for people to take their medicine and get better.”

The special LiDoCon cap is locked on to the neck of the bottle. By a simple four-step process of “Fill, Invert, Lock and Revert,” a specific amount of liquid is dispensed, ensuring that there is no backflow. A pre-measured quantity is dispensed from the bottle, which means that no washing is required. This greatly reduces risk of contamination and reduces overall preparation time.

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