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Finished formulations from Dr Reddy’s worth Rs 80 lakhs gets stolen near Ambala during transit

The company has written a letter to AIOCD for help in tracking the stolen batch numbers of stock

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Dr Reddy’s Laboratories’ finished formulations stocks worth Rs 80 lakhs have been stolen near Ambala. The incident occurred while the consignment was being transported from its Global Distribution Center, Tepla, to the company’s CFA in Kochi. The company has already filed an FIR. It has also asked AIOCD to track the stolen batch numbers of stock.

Laxmi Shanker Tripathi, Senior Manager, Dr Reddy’s Laboratories-Tepla informed, “On January 20, 2021, approximately 458 shippers of Dr Reddy’s stocks were stolen from a sealed vehicle which was carrying stocks from our Global Distribution Center, Tepla, to our Kochi CFA. The incident occurred near Ambala region. We have already filed an FIR and also written a letter to the AIOCD seeking their cooperation in circulating the details of stolen batch numbers of the stocks to their members across the country.”

“The objective is that if any person approaches AIOCD members for sale of stolen stocks at a discounted price or without a purchase bill, then immediately through them we can get the information and catch hold the culprit,” he added.

Rajiv Singhal, General Secretary, AIOCD, said, “We have received a letter from Dr Reddy’s Laboratories informing about the stolen stock from their transit route between Tepla – Kochi. Based on the information, we have already issued a communication to all our members across the country. So far we have not received any further information on this from our members, but they will intimate us, as and when any they get any update.”

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