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El Toro Finserve LLP releases 2024 – Healthcare Investment Manifesto for India

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Report builds on consumer sentiments and emerging trends to bet on the ideas that will become mainstream or even a unicorn by 2029

El Toro Finserve LLP, the investment manager of several funds investing in Indian healthcare infrastructure, sustainability and impact in India has released a report on 40 bets for healthcare and lifesciences investments in India as part of Healthcare Investment Manifesto for India.

Commenting on the launch of the report, Kapil Khandelwal, Managing Partner, El Toro Finserve LLP and a healthcare industry veteran said, “We have been releasing the India Healthcare and Lifesciences Investment Heatmap for over 10 years. These are an annual prediction based on our algos. We see some initial ideas that are not purely in the healthcare and lifesciences domain but are going to be impacting the sector. We have been categorising them as ‘cross-domain’ investment ideas which will sometime in future become mainstream either in healthcare and life sciences sector or the other domain from where it is emerging. But these are of longer time horizons which are algos necessary do not track beyond the year of our forecast. Hence, we imagined doing something different and looked beyond the year.”

Added Khandelwal on the reason to release the report at this point in time, “In 2024, India is going for elections and every key political party will be releasing their ‘manifesto’ for the next five years. We have been looking at broad trends and understanding key bets that investors would like to take in the next five years as they mature. Here is our investment manifesto of key 40 bets that will be an opportunity to invest in the sector that will witness an upside beyond the market returns for the sector.”

The report covers various aspects of consumer sentiments towards health and well being in general across various cohorts of Indian population and builds on to these consumer sentiments and emerging trends to bet on the ideas that will become mainstream or even a unicorn by 2029.

Emerging from the current dissatisfaction with the current with the healthcare system, Khandelwal adds, “Indians want to feel more empowered in managing their health and wellness. Moreover, wellness is already sparking crucial conversations around health, therapy, sex and death with the younger and older cohorts alike after the pandemic. They want to engage into multi-sensory wellness and health solutions leveraging the new age tech that is personalised to their moods and taste and experience good health both physically, mentally, emotionally, spiritually and digitally. These are the need gaps where these cross domain investible ideas, though our list is not an exhaustive one, could become one of the hottest healthcare and life sciences unicorn out of India for the global market in the timeline as we will hit the next election manifesto in 2029.” The report is on a limited circulation only for qualified investors and limited partners. Request for a copy can be made to [email protected].

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