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CIMS Medica to organise India Pharma Expo and Business Excellence Awards 2022

The event will be held from 30th September to 1st October in Delhi, and on 11th and 12th November in Hyderabad

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CIMS Medica is organising the Indian Pharma Expo (IPE) and Business Excellence Awards from 30th September to 1st October in New Delhi, and on 11th and 12th November in Hyderabad.

IPE will provide an opportunity for the participating companies to display their products and services to the gamut of visitors, globally from pharma and healthcare industries. The two-day expo will bring together eminent personalities from various sectors of pharma, non-pharma and healthcare industries. It is one-stop juncture to all those who are planning to expand their business through various channels of franchise and distribution; as well as wholesalers and hospital purchase personnels who seek to buy bulk products on concessional rates.

The expo, expected to witness approximately 10,000 visitors’ footfall displays of the latest pharma machinery, packaging equipment, software technology for pharma industry and management and more, will also showcase the latest trends and technologies in the pharmaceuticals, drugs and formulations.

Further, there will be a direct access to the highly-targetted senior pharma executives, buyers, procurement managers, contract manufacturers and hospital administration. Multiple meetings will be held with managers and business development managers who are looking for new supplies, building strategic partnerships or entering into new ventures.

The expo will feature international-cum-pharma machinery pavilion. It aims at bringing together all pharma professionals under one roof, the pharma exhibition focussed on knowledge, technology and business development.