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By facilitating whole-genome sequencing we can help in taking swift treatment decisions

Redcliffe Life Sciences is keen to work with the ICMR and NIV to understand various strains of the COVID-19 virus and its patterns. informs Ashish Kumar, Dubey, COO & Co-Founder, Redcliffe Life Sciences as he talks about how whole genome sequencing can help in predicting the response of drugs on each such viral strain, with Usha Sharma

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Tell us about Redcliffe Lifesciences’ ongoing activities and its work towards tackling COVID-19 pandemic.
Redcliffe was an initial investor in Mylab in 2017 when it was a company unknown outside Pune. The company made an investment of Rs 65 lakh in Mylab to help them with the automation of tests in a pooled capacity. It is this automation which has now proven to be a most useful technology for diagnosis of COVID-19. Redcliffe Life Sciences also filed two BIRAC proposals for in silico testing of existing drugs. It was successful on SARS-COV1 and new peptides, which is highly promising.

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