XCode launches LIFELONG WELLNESS programme

XCode Life Sciences, a biotechnology start-up has launched ‘ LIFELONG WELLNESS’, a scientific, personalised wellness programme for individuals based on a DNA analysis of a saliva sample. The Chief Guest, Dr Dharini Krishnan, Chairperson, Registered Dietitian Board of the Indian Dietetic Association, received the first ‘LIFELONG WELLNESS’ assessment kit.

The programme will aid in identifying an individual’s predispositions to lifestyle disorders such as diabetes, obesity, cardio-vascular diseases and stroke, through a simple genetic assessment which will be followed by personalised nutrition, diet and exercise regimen to prevent and fight the onset of the disease. The programme uses the latest collection of markers (a gene or DNA sequence with a known location on a chromosome ) to calculate an individual’s predisposition to a disease.

Dr Saleem Mohammed, CEO and Co-Founder, XCode Life Sciences said, “ The healthcare market in India has undergone a paradigm shift where preventive options are the need of the hour. Non-communicable diseases such as cardio-vascular and diabetes should be given increased attention as they are a direct result of lifestyle disorders that can be attributed to lack of physical exercise, obesity and eating junk food. With the ‘LIFELONG WELLNESS’ programme, individuals can now understand their body and address its pressing needs before it’s too late.”

Xcode’s Lifelong Wellnesss programme aims to provide knowledge of one’s risk to chronic lifestyle diseases and equip the individual to minimise these risks through nutrition and lifestyle changes, thereby reducing the national prevalence of such diseases.

Dr Krishnan said, “ The key to wellness today, lies in the relationship between our diet and our body. Many common diseases and their symptoms can often be prevented or alleviated with better nutrition. I believe in the adage – you are what you eat and therefore wellness through nutrition can be achieved by taking in the right kind of nutrients from the various food groups in the proper levels through your diet. ‘LIFELONG WELLNESS’ offers a unique wellness programme for individuals based on their personal nutritional needs.”

The programme is priced at Rs 7999 per assessment for each lifestyle disorder. A value option is also available for Rs 9999 where one can get analysed for four lifestyle disorders.

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