We plan to increase our production capacity by starting a new plant

Debasish Roy
Subhasish Roy

First of all, we convey our greetings for completing five decades in this industry. Today, after so many years, how do you look back to the achievements of the company.

See, United Engineering Company (UEC), which was started in 1963 by GD Roy, from the beginning, attained a high reputation in providing machines and services of highest standards with utmost care.

With the founder’s innovative ideas and unmatched leadership qualities, UEC crossed various boundaries in different fields of work. It has tried to build relationships rather than clients or customers. We have never compromised with the quality in all aspects of the business, be it machines, service or relations.

Today, the list of clients, which include the who’s who of the Indian pharma industry are on our client list and speaks volume of our achievements.

Besides, the hard work and efforts of the members, the company does play a very crucial role in making ‘The United Engineering Company’, what it is today.

Which are the major pharma machines manufactured by the company?

We specialise in machinery for packaging ampoules, vials and bottles. We provide a complete solution for the whole production line. UEC has also mastered in providing machines for automatic tablet coating. Our product ranges from semi-automatic (R&D models) to fully automatic machines.

‘UNITED’ machines are versatile in nature and thus can accommodate containers of different shapes and sizes. UEC also provides customised solutions to its customers.

UEC has always been keen on introducing latest designed machines to the industry. What are the latest products from your basket and what more can we expect in the coming days?

Our latest development is the UNITED ‘EAC’, Automatic External Cleaning & Drying Machine for ampoules and vials. This machine plays a very big role in improving the productivity of an automatic inspection and labeling machine in the production line.

We have also developed High Speed Sticker Labelling Machines for Ampoules and Vials, with special unique features incorporated in it.

Currently, we are working on the development of a High Speed Ampoule Filling and Sealing Machine, which would operate in rotary motion with special liquid dosing capabilities and other unique features. It would be in fact, the first of its kind in the country and the most compact machine for high output productivity. We plan to develop machines for packaging pre-filled syringes and automatic cartoning machines for containers of various sizes in the near future.

Adhering to strict ‘Quality Control’ parameters, is an important element in today’s pharma-production business. Can you elaborate on this?

From a nut to the main component of the machine, we provide the best quality material complying with the highest standards of manufacturing guidelines. We perform regular quality checking programme for each and every machine before being despatched.

Hence, Quality Control does form a crucial part of our validation programme.

How are you currently placed in the Indian and the international market?

In India, we are considered to be one of the best and trusted brands in the industry. ‘UNITED’ machines also cut a niche for itself in the international markets.

Keeping pace with the latest ‘technology upgrades’ is one of the key attributes for attaining success in today’s fast changing world. How is UEC taking care of this aspect?

In the last few years, this field has seen a favourable metamorphosis in technology. Automation of machines has improved to a new dimension which adds a lot to the productivity of the machines. This also helps the user to get a clear view on the overall performance and utility of the machines. UNITED machines are equipped with the latest technological trends.

We at UEC, are always keen on upgrading our existing machines in paralance to the new developments. We believe that tomorrow’s technology should be standard in every UNITED machine produced today.

Today, Indian pharma machines are being exported to different parts of the globe. Which countries do you export?

We have a strong foothold in the overseas market. We export mostly to South African and Asian countries. Yet, we have supplied a few machines to the US and Canada as well. Presently, we are looking forward to extend our horizons to the European and other markets.

Can you please elaborate on your future plans?

We are planning to increase our production capacity by starting a new plant, incorporating modern equipment and state-of-the-art facilities.

We have traversed five decades in this business, but for UEC entering the 51st year is the beginning of a new chapter. In the words of Robert Frost: ‘We have miles to go before we sleep.’ We plan to venture into new areas, work harder and excel in what we do.

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