We are committed to delivering excellence across the pharma supply chain

Rajesh Vedak, MD, Körber India speaks about his company's innovative solutions, strategies to maintain its technological leadership, adapt to evolving industry needs and position itself as an ecosystem provider for comprehensive pharma supply solutions, in an exclusive interview with Express Pharma

How does Körber contribute to safe and efficient processes in the manufacture, inspection, and packaging of pharma products? Can you share some examples of innovative solutions or technologies that your company has developed for the pharma industry?

In the dynamic landscape of pharma manufacturing, we are standing as a beacon for safe and efficient processes. With a comprehensive portfolio spanning packaging equipment, innovative materials (including 100 percent plastic-free rapid tests and recyclable carton monomaterial), and cuttingedge software solutions available as cloud services, we are committed to delivering excellence across the pharma supply chain.

One of our notable contributions is the development of digital solutions that seamlessly connect machines. The Line Optimiser, for instance, revolutionises conventional setups by enabling employee training using techniques rather than focusing on specific machines. This not only streamlines workflows such as format changes and line clearance but also enhances machine availability by up to 30 per cent, reduces familiarisation times, and lowers training costs.

The integration of Artificial Intelligence (AI) is another hallmark of our commitment to innovation. AI-powered inspection solutions, implemented within production operations, can significantly reduce false reject rates by up to 90 per cent while increasing the detection rate by 40 per cent. The result is a substantial improvement in inspection efficiency and a more streamlined workflow.

How is your company leveraging digitalisation and automation in your technologies to consolidate its leading position in the pharma sector?

In terms of technological leadership, we leverage digitalisation and automation to consolidate our position in the pharma sector. With a dedicated digital unit, we bring new products to the market, capitalising on our extensive know-how in pharma production and packaging processes. This approach involves connecting machines and data to improve Overall Equipment Effectiveness (OEE) and maintain a leading edge in the industry.

What opportunities and possibilities offer further growth and development for your company?

The future growth and development hinge on several opportunities. We embrace new modalities such as cell and gene therapy, continually adapt to ongoing digitisation trends in the pharma industry and position ourselves as an ecosystem provider for full line supply, offering comprehensive consulting services.

How does your company maintain its position as a market leader through technological leadership in the pharma industry?

Maintaining market leadership requires continuous innovation and staying attuned to evolving customer needs. We achieve this by bundling our extensive know-how, extending our portfolio to create a holistic ecosystem, and remaining close to our customers. Investing in R&D is a cornerstone of our strategy, ensuring that we not only keep pace with but drive innovation in the pharma industry.

How is your company staying ahead and adapting to evolving customer needs in the life sciences industry?

As we look forward, we actively pioneer projects and initiatives that reinforce our position in the pharma sector. Our commitment to innovation is evident in our forward-thinking solutions, ensuring we remain at the forefront of pharma manufacturing.

In addition to our dedication to cutting-edge technologies, we prioritise adaptability. We enable flexible production capacities through agile and scalable solutions, reducing time-to-market for our clients. Our focus on maximising cost efficiency is geared towards sustainable growth, overcoming industry pressures, and optimising capital expenditure investments. With a steadfast commitment to innovation, close customer collaboration, and a holistic approach, we continue to lead in the pharma industry, shaping the future of manufacturing processes for a safer and more efficient tomorrow.

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