We aim to build a nutrition-literate planet with focus on oncological nutrition

Raktim Chattopadhyay, Founder and CEO, Esperer Nutrition, talks to Akanki Sharma about the contribution his company is making towards cancer nutrition

What led to the origin of Esperer Nutrition? What is its aim and vision?

Nutrition imbalances, malnutrition, malabsorption, cachexia, aanorexia and sarcopenia are the most common diseases during cancer treatment, leading to an increased BMR. All these impact the QoL of patients and subsequently impact mortality rates or even promote discontinuation of treatment leading to less survival. As per a WHO report, about 25 per cent of cancer patients die mainly because of malnourishment and lack of supplementation which are induced either by the disease or by the therapy itself.

With progress in cancer drug innovation which has shifted cancer as disease from preventive to curative therapy, the cytotoxicity level on patients has also increased. Hence, the supportive care treatment options are emerging worldwide. EON therapy addresses the QoL of cancer patients through nutrition as weapon establishes its value in cancer-supportive care space by complementing main therapy. The whole approach commits less chemo-cycle dropouts and hence adds value to the survival rate.

We aim to build a nutrition-literate planet with a focus on oncological nutrition. We strive to maintain an ecosystem for cancer care and survivors through personalised and disease-specific nutrition therapy, disease management and expert guidance.

Tell us about the products that you have developed in the area of cancer nutrition. What is your business model?
Esperer Nutrition products address the cancer condition-specific nutritional intervention. Product formulation has been designed with pre-treatment needs of normal cells of cancer patients and with direct carbohydrates deprivation strategy to weaken cancer cell proliferation making the approach as the first nutritional preconditioning of cancer patients. During cancer treatment (chemo/radiation), the formulation is meant to address nutritional balance and facilitate physiological functions of the body, keeping drug nutrient interaction in check. Since post-cancer treatment recovery period is more vulnerable for patient, the EON formulation adds value specifically with its careful product design. In all these formulas, the whole EON therapy maintains constant supply of basic nutritional need of cancer patients that is critical to arrest malnutrition-related death or cycle dropping during cancer journey.

EON therapy international patent has been accepted and published which gives the therapy a status of unique innovation in managing nutritional health in cancer disease management as world’s first condition and stage-specific complementary therapy. Esperer’s products like Es-Fortitude GH and Es-Fortitude HaemoCal target specific cancer like GI cancer and haematological disorders, respectively.

Esperer Nutrition cancer series products aim to add value in cancer co-morbid conditions, especially to protect kidney functions during cancer treatment. Since kidney function gets altered by diseases itself and also by drugs used in cancer treatment irrespective of CKD condition of patient, Esperer Nutrition product Ren Voitho HP/LP intervenes to make kidney output desirable during cancer treatment. Hence, the toxicity level remains below threat level.

Considering cancer wound is more complex post-surgery, special and fast recovery is needed to accelerate the adjuvant chemotherapy. Esperer’s nutritional supplement LISS WH is designed to speed up the process. All the cancer series products have been tested in Indian and various international markets, and made under strict US FDA plant using patented global sourced key ingredients, assuring the superiority of the whole range in quality.

Give us a brief about the operations that you have recently started in the UK.
We have chosen the UK as a business centre for Europe and other regulated countries. EN UK has started its operations with people under company’s payroll in sales, marketing and distributions. EN products will also be exported from the UK to other European countries under strict regulatory norms.

How is technology accelerating the future of the nutrition market?
In India, new technology has always been accepted to improve the QoL of patients. Nutra genomics and AI have already started impacting disease prevention and management. Since nutraceutical interventions is deeply embedded with disease prevention, such technologies can accelerate the nutraceutical market growth.

Any new products in the pipeline? What are your business expansion plans?
EN research team Esperer Nutrition Development Centre (ENDC) is constantly engaged to create innovative product pipeline in clinical nutrition segment. After successful introduction of seven products in cancer series and 10 products in NCDs segment, we have 44 new products in pipeline. Some of the innovative products like nutraceutical interventions over cancer metastasis (spread of cancer), cervical cancer, childhood cancer, migraine, IBD etc. are under final stage of development.


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