The potential of AI and gamification in nutraceutical industry

Navya D, Gunjan S, and Deepthi D, R&D Leads, Nutrify Genie explore the advantages of leveraging AI and gamification in the B2B nutraceutical industry, with a focus on NutrifyGenie, a curated AI engine, and its gamification platform NutrifyGenie Clicks

The nutraceutical industry is experiencing significant growth, driven by the increasing popularity of nutritional supplements and functional foods due to their potential health benefits. The combination of artificial intelligence (AI) and gamification in this sector has the potential to revolutionise the way people engage with and benefit from these products. This report explores the advantages of leveraging AI and gamification in the B2B nutraceutical industry, with a focus on NutrifyGenie, a curated AI engine, and its gamification platform NutrifyGenie Clicks.


The nutraceutical industry has evolved rapidly over the years, offering consumers a wide range of health and wellness products. As businesses strive to meet the diverse needs and preferences of consumers, AI and gamification emerge as powerful tools to enhance product development and decision-making processes. This report delves into the capabilities and advantages of NutrifyGenie and NutrifyGenie Clicks, showcasing their potential to drive innovation and success in the industry.


NutrifyGenie: A curated AI engine for the nutraceutical industry

NutrifyGenie is a curated AI engine that offers a comprehensive solution from ideation to commercialisation, empowering executives in the nutraceutical industry with invaluable resources and insights. The engine’s key features include:

1. Ingredient structuring: NutrifyGenie employs AI algorithms to efficiently structure ingredients, creating a solid foundation for product ideation and formulation.

2. Clinical reference incorporation: By incorporating clinical references, NutrifyGenie ensures the development of evidence-based nutraceutical products, boosting their credibility and efficacy.

3. Regulatory compliance: The engine checks regulatory guidelines, guaranteeing that the products developed adhere to ethical standards and regulations.

4. Extensive portfolio: NutrifyGenie’s vast portfolio of over 2800 contract manufacturers, 1500 distributors, suppliers, CROs, and pack designers opens up diverse product possibilities, facilitating businesses in catering to the ever-changing consumer demands.

5. Accelerated go-to-market time: With its remarkable capability to reduce go-to-market time by 50 per cent, NutrifyGenie enables companies to gain a competitive edge by swiftly launching innovative products.


NutrifyGenie Clicks: The Gamification Platform

NutrifyGenie Clicks is a gamification platform designed specifically for the nutraceutical industry, providing an engaging and interactive experience for participants. The platform combines gamification concepts with a deep understanding of the human body, diseases, and ingredients, offering users the following benefits:

1. Engaging learning experience: NutrifyGenie Clicks allows industry professionals to explore and learn about nutraceuticals in a fun and interactive manner, fostering a deeper understanding of product attributes and applications.

2. Instant label claims: The platform provides instant access to label claims that can be commercialised on the go, streamlining the process of product development and marketing.



The convergence of AI and gamification in the nutraceutical industry, as exemplified by NutrifyGenie and NutrifyGenie Clicks, presents a promising path forward. AI-powered solutions like NutrifyGenie empower businesses to streamline their processes, leading to faster product development and improved decision-making. By leveraging AI’s capabilities and gamification’s interactive nature, the industry can cater to the growing demand for personalised nutrition and health-conscious choices.


As technology continues to evolve, the potential for AI-driven solutions to shape the future of nutraceuticals is boundless. These advancements promise improved health outcomes, innovative yet ethical products, and enhanced customer experiences for all. Embracing AI and gamification is crucial for businesses in the nutraceutical space to stay competitive and deliver valuable products to the market.

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