The bar is further raised for the most intelligent headspace sampler

Based on the flagship Agilent 8890 GC and 7697A headspace sampler, the Agilent 8697 and 8697 XL headspace samplers are the first with integrated GC communication. That means you can manage your gas chromatography workflows from a single interface—and spend more time on what matters.

Designed with sample handling in mind, the 8697 XL headspace sampler with up to 120 vials allows for uninterrupted throughput. These removable sample racks can be exchanged while the headspace sampler is operating, so, samples can be added until the whole job is done.

Unlike any other headspace, the 8697 XL headspace samplers communicate directly with Agilent 8890, 8860, and Intuvo 9000 gas chromatographs, enabling full visibility into flow path status. Touchscreen and browser interfaces consolidate this information for guided diagnostics, root cause analysis, performance tracking, GC evaluation, troubleshooting, and error detection.

Integrated intelligence also allows the GC and headspace sampler to work better together for optimized sequence throughput. If a GC run needs more time to complete, the sampler will automatically wait before injecting the next sample. Now that is bar raised for instrument intelligence.


Discover more on how volatile impurities in drug samples are analyzed using the fully-loaded Agilent 8697 XL intelligent headspace sampler.

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