SPDS, in collaboration with AAPS, to organise Disso India 2021 from June 24-26, 2021

The theme of the virtual event this year is ‘Dissolution as a Pivotal Tool for Drug Product Performance’
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Society for Pharmaceutical Dissolution Sciences (SPDS), in collaboration with the American Association of Pharmaceutical Scientists (AAPS), is organising the 10th Annual International Conference of SPDS – Disso India 2021. It will be held from 24-26 June, 2021.

Conducted every year, this flagship conference by The Society for Pharmaceutical Dissolution Science (SPDS) is attended by pharmaceutical R&D, QA, and QC as well as academia professionals from India and abroad, involving speakers from the US, Europe and Asia. This year, due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the International Conference is being conducted online from 24-26 June, 2021 (15.00 hrs to 20.00 hrs, IST)

The theme of the event is “Dissolution as a Pivotal Tool for Drug Product Performance”.

Disso India-2021 Online will have around 18 to 20 lectures from eminent professionals working in the pharmaceutical industry from around the world as well as academia coupled with panner discussion. Over five thousand professionals from Pharma R&D, QA, QC and Academia across the Globe are expected to register for this unique event to discuss various advances and developments related to dissolution science and its applications. The event is organised by Vijay Kshirsagar, President; Dr Padma Devarajan, Vice president and Dr L Ramaswamy, General Secretary and the organising committee members (www.spds.in)

The scientific sessions are programmed and executed under the Chairmanship of Professor Arvind Bansal, Head-Department of Pharmaceutics, NIPER, SAS Nagar and the Co-Chair-Dr Vinod P Shah, Ex-US FDA and Pharmaceutical Consultant, USA.

Eminent speakers will enlighten the attendees on current dissolution centric technologies and sciences at the event.

The following lectures will be a part of Disso India 2021 Online:

  • AAPS Role in Advancement of Pharmaceutical Science

Dr Tina Morris, Chief Executive Officer, AAPS, USA

  • The Role of Dissolution in the Development of Complex Generics Including Topical/Ophthalmic Drug Products

Dr Vinod P Shah, Ex-USFDA, Pharmaceutical Consultant, USA

  • Solubility – Permeability Interplay in the Dissolution

Dr Vatsala Nageshwaran, Chief Business Officer, Absorption Systems, USA

  • Cocrystals for Solubility Enhancement

Prof Arvind Bansal, Professor & Head, Department of Pharmaceutics, NIPER, SAS Nagar, India

  • Excipients for Enabling Technologies

Dr Sandip Tiwari, Head of Technical Services – Pharma Solutions, North America, BASF, USA

  • USP Apparatus 4 as a Biowaiver Tool for Specialized Formulations

Samir Haddouchi, Managing Director, SPS Pharma Services, Orleans, France

  • Nanosystems: Dissolution Methodologies and Biorelevant Media

Prof Padma Devarajan, Dean-Research & Innovation and Professor in Pharmacy, Institute of Chemical Technology, India

  • Intelligent vs Intellectual vs Regulatory Compliant Dissolution Testing: Where do we Draw the Lines!!

Dr Umesh Banakar, Professor and President, Banakar Consulting Services, USA

  • Scientific Pursuit for Improving Human Health

Dr Andrew Vick, President, AAPS, USA

  • Physiologically Based Absorption Modelling (PBAM)

Dr Sandra Suarez-Sharp, Vice President of Regulatory Affairs, Simulations Plus Inc., USA

  • Relevance of Intrinsic Dissolution Testing

Vijay Kshirsagar, CEO & President, TRAC Consulting, India

  • Biopredictive Dissolution Methods

Dr Deanna Mudie, Lonza Inc, USA

  • Clinically Relevant Dissolution Specifications/Patient-Centric Dissolution Testing

Dr Andreas Abend, Director in the Analytical Sciences Group, Merck, USA

  • Advances in Dynamic Dissolution

Mark McAllister, Senior Scientific Director, Pfizer, USA

  • Automation for Dissolution Data Integrity

Jürgen Kempf, Business Development Manager Automation, SOTAX AG, Switzerland

  • Hydrodynamics in Dissolution Apparatus (Role of Designing of Dissolution Vessel)

Dr Deirdre D’Arcy, Associate Professor, Trinity College, Ireland

  • Influence of Particle Characteristics on Dissolution Testing

Sandeep Kulkarni, Scientific Director, Image Provision Technology Pvt. Ltd., India

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