SGD Pharma expands Sterinity range of RTU Type I molded glass vials

The launch of additional sizes 10H*ml and 20H ml in tray offers increased flexibility to customers

SGD Pharma announced the latest expansion of its Sterinity range of ready-to-use (RTU) Type I molded glass vials.

A company statement informed, “SGD Pharma’s range of RTU Sterinity vials offer customers an efficient solution to the lengthy stages of vial-sterilisation and provides the flexibility they require to prioritise patient safety and distribute medicines significantly faster. Furthermore, by outsourcing the sterilisation process, SGD Pharma’s compliant Sterinity range reduces total cost of ownership (TCO).”

It added, “This latest range extension is the result of customer requests for 10ml and 20ml high-quality sterile vial offerings for aseptic fill/finish of parenteral drugs. The full Sterinity portfolio now includes sizes 10, 20, 50, 100ml ISO and 20, 25, 50 EasyLyo, giving customers access to high-quality solutions from SGD Pharma that have been adapted to suit a wide variety of applications and accommodate the needs of many customer markets, including pharma and biopharma companies, compounding pharmacies, hospitals and veterinary clinics.”

SGD Pharma’s Sterinity range of RTU vials is a result of a collaboration between SGD Pharma and Stevanato. Stevanato’s EZ fill packaging platform supports RTU processes, eliminating upfront washing, depyrogenation and sterilisation steps.

SGD Pharma assured that Sterinity is a cost-effective solution for parenteral products requiring an aseptic fill and finish environment that offers increased quality, patient safety and flexibility for both large and small batches.

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