Sanofi says its COVID-19 vaccine will available in all countries

The statement comes after the French government took objection to Sanofi CEO’s comment that the US will get first access to the company’s vaccine

Hours after Sanofi’s CEO, Paul Hudson said that the US will get first access to its COVID-19 vaccine, the company informed that when ready, its vaccine will be available in all countries.

“The US government has the right to the largest pre-order because it’s invested in taking the risk,” he said. The Biomedical Advanced Research and Development Authority has funded the development of the vaccine.

The statement evoked an angry reaction from the French government. “Equal access for all to the vaccine is not negotiable,” said Edouard Philippe, French Prime Minister in a tweet.

Agnes Pannier-Runacher, Junior Economy Minister of France said, “To us, it would be unacceptable that a country would get privileged access under the pretext of money reasons.”

After the backlash, Sanofi informed, “We have always been committed in these unprecedented circumstances to make our vaccine accessible to everyone.”

Source: AFP

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