Saama in partnership with Informa Pharma Intelligence’s Citeline

The partnership will bridge clinical trial information to real world evidence for unprecedented customer experience

Saama Technologies, a leading clinical analytics company, and Citeline, part of Informa Pharma Intelligence’s suite of pharmaceutical and biomedical research and analysis solutions, unveiled a strategic partnership that will disrupt and advance the existing clinical trial landscape. The alliance integrates Saama’s cutting-edge artificial intelligence, machine learning and deep learning solutions with Citeline’s new application programming interfaces (APIs) to link global clinical data with real world data. Customers will benefit from unmatched analytic insight for planning and conducting clinical trials.

“Saama is excited to partner with Citeline and apply our award-winning AI-enabled technologies to their outstanding clinical trial registry data to realise trial planning and conduct solutions that accelerate clinical outcomes for improved patient care,” said Luke Stewart, Director of Product Management, Saama. “This is a new level of innovation in the clinical trial space. Structured and unstructured real world data can be intelligently leveraged to accelerate a proposed clinical trial based on the performance of related trials, sites, and investigators, all through an integrated user experience.”

“Through partnering with Saama, we’re able to collectively provide next-level solutions that enable our joint customers to overcome clinical development challenges, gain industry insights, and optimise trial success,” said Jason Tse, Head of Strategic Partnerships, Informa Pharma Intelligence. “This partnership will expand the boundaries of clinical trial planning through the incorporation of real world data and the ability to bridge multiple data points in one platform.”