Role of active packaging in drug development

Talking about the role of active packaging in drug development, Dhairy Sharma, Technical Sales, Cilicant, said that packaging plays a crucial role in drug development. ”Active packaging is a smart packaging solution that is functionally active, and it helps to enhance the shelf life of a package system, when used in a scientific manner. For active packaging, certain parameters need to be considered – volume of the bottle, Oxygen Transmission Rate (OTR), Moisture Vapour Transmission Rate (MVTR), RH, temperature condition and the shelf life,” he explained.

In addition, Sharma said that there are certain concerns when it comes to soft gelatin and hard gelatin capsule products because every product is unique and requires a unique solution. He also drew a comparison between moisture content and water activity and described the various factors associated with both of these. He informed that moisture content is the total amount of water molecules, and is quantitative in nature, along with being a driving force that decides how one can choose the right packaging.

Later on, he explained about one of the products, Accuflip, offered by Cilicant. It is an equilibrium relative humidity (ERH) regulator that regulates the ERH within a specified range to protect the product. It regulates the ERH to 20±5 per cent RH within the enclosed primary packaging, and prevents over-desiccation of capsule cells. It has a specialised sorbent which adsorbs and deabsorbs the moisture at the same time. Elaborating more on the relation between water activity and ERH, he mentioned that water activity is a ratio of vapour pressure of water inside the sample to the vapour pressure of pure water at the same temperature. Furthermore, pure water has a water activity of one. Therefore, in the context of pharma packaging, the reason behind dealing with ERH is to multiply the water activity by 100, and Accufilip maintains this ERH to safeguard capsules. At last, he summed up his presentation with the statement, “Right solution at the right time is really important.

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