PURIFY’22 takes chromatography purification notches higher

Industry rallies around the mega event

The mega PURIFY’22 held on 7th April, 2022 in Hyderabad saw 22 globally acclaimed speakers, 223 delegates who converged from 26 cities across 80 renowned companies, along with 15 sponsors and 19 display zones.

The event came out as a mega platform, as a business enabler for chromatography purification.

The knowledge exchange extended opportunities of using chromatography purification. Newer applications, updated technologies, revisited regulatory mandates, coupled with the strong user interaction makes PURIFY conclaves the go-to event to stay relevant in these dynamic times.

The event was all encompassing. The topics covered were diverse; be it the pharma megatrends and the fundamental impacts of chromatography, or the industry challenges as regards chromatography purification with respect to business. Eye-opening case studies on available technologies, issues related to scaleups, coupled with technologies and strategies of preparative chromatography set the tone of the day.

Talks touched upon key aspects as kinetic and thermodynamic phenomena in separation science, SMB – a powerful technology for continuous purification of value products with the release of next-generation purification solutions.

Talks on recent advancements and improvements in purification flash chromatography, prep SFC – simple purification strategies, techniques and challenges for chromophoric and non-chromophoric targets enthralled the audience.

The audience also got to experience a number of firsts such as integrated chromatographic purification process for biomolecules, trends in downstream bioprocessing, IEX as orthogonal step in peptide purification, carbon and chromatography and new-generation silica for peptide purification with knowledge sharing.

The day also witnessed talks on DoE and in-silico-based method development for preparative purification, application of metal scavengers as purification tools – applications with case studies, closing the day with enrichment of bioactives in natural extracts by using column chromatography.

The event will also be held as PURIFY’22 WEST in Ahmedabad on 15th December, 2022.

For any details or information on PURIFY, contact Rashi at rashi@custage.com; +91-91366 00573”

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