Polyclone Bioservices signs MoU with JSS University, Mysore

Polyclone Bioservices has signed a memorandum of understanding (MoU) with JSS University, Mysore. This MoU establishes the framework for collaborative research and development in biological sciences between the two organisations.

Collaborations under this MoU are focused on collaborative R&D in biological sciences. The MoU is intended to expedite research and development of new methods and technologies that can be implemented and aligned with Polyclone’s missions as well as aimed at enhancing the quality of research and education at JSS University. The two organisations have agreed to promote exchange and coperation in all appropriate and agreed areas of research and also facilitate co-operation between the staff of both organisations.

Both JSS University and Polyclone believe that this collaboration will contribute to more efficient resource utilisation, avert or minimise duplication, and accelerate methods and technology advancement in various fields of biological sciences. The two organisations further believe that successful collaboration will leverage beneficial results via method and technology transfer, education, and training.

Naveen Kulkarni, CEO, Polyclone stated that, “Our experience in stem cell technologies and with recent partnership in nanotechnology applications in stem cell therapy with PSG’s Institute of Advanced Studies is further strengthened by JSS University’s addition, mainly due to the association of JSS Medical college that is actively fostering this relationship with Polyclone in the area of advanced application of stem cell therapy for better clinical outcome. The significance of having a clinical partner will only help us get closer to patient understanding and bring innovations outside the lab and this partnership with JSS University is the key, with access to a facility of more than 1,500 beds, the company can generate insights into patient care aspects across different disease cycles ranging from ophthalmology to oncology and critical care like wound healing.”

JSS University is an institute of higher learning, offering educational programs in the area of medicine, arts, science, and commerce & business management. JSS University is widely recognised for the quality of its undergraduate, graduate and professional educational programmes.

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