Plasmagen Biosciences taps into the niche Indian biopharma market with the launch of CSL’s Haemocomplettan P

Haemocomplettan P will cater to the 1,50,000 cardiac surgeries and over 1,800 liver transplant patients who are at risk of massive bleeding due to acquired hypofibrinogenemia


Plasmagen Biosciences, the Indian biopharmaceutical organisation, headquartered in Bengaluru, specialising exclusively in Plasma Protein and Speciality Care Therapy, has recently announced the launch of Haemocomplettan P (Human Fibrinogen Concentrate), manufactured by CSL Behring, a business unit of CSL.

According to the statement, Plasmagen is CSL Behring’s exclusive distributor of Haemocomplettan P in India. Haemocomplettan P is approved for therapy and prophylaxis of haemorrhagic diatheses in congenital afibrinogenaemia and acquired hypofibrinogenaemia.

 With approximately 1,50,000 cardiac surgeries and around 1,800 liver transplants being performed in India every year, there is a huge need for such therapies in the country. Approximately 1 out of every 2 cardiac surgery patients requires blood transfusion to manage haemorrhage, and over 25 per cent of blood transfusions in hospitals are for liver transplant recipients and Haemocomplettan P could be used specially for massive haemorrhagic cases.

 Delayed control of massive bleeding during cardiac surgery can result in irreversible end-organ damage like renal failure, cardiovascular events like stroke and myocardial injury or even death, accompanied by significantly inflated costs. Massive bleeding and excessive blood transfusion in liver transplant can result in prolonged ICU/Hospital stay, more septic episodes and higher mortality rate. 

Fibrinogen rapidly restores haemostasis by providing convenient replacement therapy in patient with massive bleeding and fibrinogen deficiency. CSL Behring- manufactured Haemocomplettan P is a purified human fibrinogen concentrate, which has an experience of over 27 years and over 3.5 lakh patients treated worldwide.


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