Phenomenex introduces bioZEN, a 2.6 µm WidePore C4 core-shell LC

The new addition to its existing portfolio of bioZen biological workflow products can help in the improved analysis of large biologics

Phenomenex, a provider of advanced technologies for the separation sciences, has introduced the bioZen 2.6 µm WidePore C4 core-shell LC column to the existing portfolio of bioZen biological workflow products for the reversed phase analysis of intact and subunit monoclonal antibodies (mAbs).

Manufactured with consistent 400Å pores on a robust core-shell HPLC/UHPLC particle, bioZen WidePore C4 offers an ideal solution for high-resolution characterisation of complex, large biologics. The 2.6 µm core-shell WidePore particle is manufactured at Phenomenex which starts with a uniform silica core and then uses subsequent and controlled layering of a homogeneous porous shell to achieve the designed particle size and optimal pore distribution with the precision and accuracy requirements needed for sensitive applications. The combination of a consistent, solid high-density core and optimal wide pore distribution along with proprietary column packing technologies ensures optimum bed structure and high column performance.

In addition, the tridentate C4 particle chemistry on the core-shell backbone allows bioZen WidePore C4 the ability to analyse larger biologics with better sensitivity by both LC-UV and LC-MS. Further, streamlined analysis for both intact and subunit applications are realised with bioZen WidePore C4, such as for NIST mAb, commercial mAb therapeutics, reduced mAbs, and more. bioZen WidePore C4 LC columns display unparalleled reproducibility for different batches of C4 media due to a newly implemented advanced process optimisations system that drives product consistency and is confirmed by additional QC testing.

“The combination of product and process optimizations that went into the development of the bioZen WidePore C4, gives us the extreme confidence that researchers will see unmatched reproducibly and improved performance with this new column for the analysis of large biologics,” says Brian Rivera, Global Product Manager of Biologics at Phenomenex.

In addition to bioZen WidePore C4, the bioZen product portfolio features seven additional chemistries for the UHPLC and HPLC characterisation of biotherapeutics such as monoclonal antibodies, antibody-drug conjugates and biosimilars. bioZen also includes two sample preparation solutions for released N-glycans and immunocapture. As an added benefit, all bioZen LC columns are available in biocompatible titanium hardware, which minimises secondary reactions, carryover, and other recovery issues to provide better overall reproducibility than traditional stainless-steel hardware. It also minimises the amount of time typically spent on column priming and does not interfere with protein or peptide integrity. With a comprehensive biological chromatography offering, Phenomenex offers complete, reproducible and reliable solutions for bioseparation laboratories, including a quality guarantee and a whole team of bioseparation experts ready to assist our customers.


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