Pharma Industry Townhall to be held in Mumbai

The event aims to equip professionals with the latest knowledge and strategies crucial for navigating the industry's changing dynamics

The upcoming Pharma Industry Townhall by PharmaState Academy offers an array of insightful talks, panel discussions, and presentations. The details are as follows: 

Event Date: March 16, 2024

Location: Radisson Blu Marol Andheri

Time: 09:00 AM – 05:00 PM

The event aims to equip professionals with the latest knowledge and strategies crucial for navigating the industry’s changing dynamics. The niche of this event extends to every pharma company present in India, thus this Townhall presents an open knowledge-sharing platform for sales and marketing professionals.

A sneak peek into the event:

  • Keynote address: Anil Matai, Director General of OPPI will deliver a keynote address that will provide valuable insights into the current trends and challenges facing the industry.
  • Storytelling in pharma and healthcare communication: Cherojit Goswami and Atin Roy from Ogilvy will share their experiences around the art of storytelling in pharma and healthcare communication, emphasising its importance in engaging audiences effectively.
  • The Power Play: Balancing dynamics between sales and marketing: Salil Kallianpur, Founder & MD of Arks Knowledge Consulting, will share strategies for striking the right balance between sales and marketing efforts to achieve optimal results.
  • Unlocking pharma synergy panel discussion: Industry stalwarts Joseph Gerald, Parul Sood, and Salil Kallianpur will join a panel moderated by Deep Bhandari to discuss synergistic approaches to content, digital strategies, and sales-marketing alignment.
  • Panel Discussion on data-driven approaches for effective marketing and sales: George Varghese, Viral Pandya, and Zena D’souza will explore data-driven techniques for customer segmentation, behavioral analysis, and feedback interpretation, moderated by Zena D’souza.
  • Empowering sales and marketing professionals: Aleem Merchant’s talk will focus on empowering professionals with effective communication strategies tailored to engage healthcare practitioners successfully.
  • Pharma industry growth potential: Dr. Ashok Bhattacharya will shed light on the growth potential within the pharma industry, providing valuable insights for professionals seeking to capitalise on emerging opportunities.
  • Pharma industry update: Janak Bathiya from Bathiya Legal will deliver an update on industry trends, investments, job scenarios, and clarity on legal aspects, including the 194R Section of the Income Tax Act.
  • Presentation on next-generation workforce : Abhishek Sawant will highlight the essential skill sets required for modern pharma sales and marketing professionals in a rapidly evolving digital landscape.
  • Aaj Ka Abhimanyu spark session: Vivek Sharma will offer practical insights akin to Abhimanyu’s plight in today’s medical sales arena, providing strategies for overcoming entry barriers.
  • Gen AI use cases for pharma marketing: Vikram Kumar will demonstrate the application of Generative AI in pharma marketing, showcasing innovative use cases to optimise strategies.
  • Presentation on unleashing the power of EMR : Sourav Das will share how pharma companies can harness Electronic Medical Records to supercharge marketing initiatives, leveraging invaluable insights.

Attendees will gain knowledge, actionable insights, and a renewed perspective on the evolving realm of pharma sales and marketing.

Partners of this event are –

  1. Wolters Kluwer (Knowledge Partner)
  2. Bathiya Legal (Knowledge Partner)
  3. Multiplier AI (Support Partner)
  4. Express Pharma (Media Partner)
  5. Alchemver (Exhibit Partner)
  6. Yes print solutions (Exhibit Partner)
  7. M3 India (Exhibit Partner
  8. MyRx (Support Partner)

You can book your seat for @Rs. 500 (+ 18% GST) and get the chance learn from the luminaries:



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