Perlen Packaging extends European coating capacity

To invest more than CHF 20 million in the extension of its global capacities for pharmaceutical films

Switzerland- based Perlen Packaging, a global leader in the area of high barrier PVdC films for blister packaging, has underlined their leading position in the PVdC barrier film market in Europe with the extension of their coating line in Perlen. Together with the construction of the manufacturing site in China, Perlen Packaging is investing more than CHF 20 million in the extension of its global capacities for pharmaceutical films.

The extension of the PVdC coating line in Perlen will allow for a more flexible and efficient production, as well as increasing the coating capacity. Johannes Giessler, Director Sales & Marketing, Perlen Packaging said, “The pharma markets in Europe are continually growing and the demand for barrier films is increasing. Thanks to the continuous investments in our technology and our GMP standard production facilities in Germany and Switzerland, we can ensure the continued availability of our high-quality products for the European pharma market.”

“We want to extend this position, as this special market segment will grow above average because of the increasing complexity of molecular structures and global distribution. As a consequence this requires additional coating capacity, which we are providing with this investment,” added Wolfgang Grimm, Chief Executive Officer, Perlen Packaging.

“Perlen Packaging is setting up a production facility for the Asian market. The ground-breaking ceremony for the new site took place in Wujiang, China in spring 2015 and the plant will be ready to deliver the first products during 2016. The Asian pharma markets are showing double-digit growth rates. As the first foreign company to set up a production facility in China, Perlen Packaging‘s aim is to cater to the expected growth in the region and to better serve the markets from a local site,” said Grimm.

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