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PDP Couriers is a truly global, specialist courier for clinical trials, transport of clinical and medical research and logistics management. It is the No 1 choice for clinical trial project managers, logistics consultants and healthcare professionals, offering them solutions for time critical and temperature sensitive shipments for pre-clinical trials and phase I – IV clinical trial material.

Customers value PDP’s experience and reliability with over 20 years of success in international courier services and transport of clinical trials and clinical research materials. PDP has built trust with its customers for its proven ability as a logistics specialist to respond to the specific and challenging requirements of clinical trial logistics on a global scale.

PDP has a truly integrated worldwide operation with wholly-owned offices and trained staff in all key continents. We are able to deal with local regulatory authority and customs import and export regulations.

PDP services

With over 20 years’ experience and a primary focus on clinical research and healthcare shipping, one can be sure that PDP Couriers has tailored a specialist courier service to meet all the requirements, be it shipping Active Pharmaceutical Ingredients (APIs), CHO cells and cell lines, investigational drugs, biological samples, medical research materials, cord blood samples, stem cell delivery, vaccines or commercial products.

Each expert staff understands the operational requirements needed to ensure that the clinical trial operates to the plan and budget while ensuring that the commercial products and medical research reach the customers in peak condition without delay. The shipment will always be handled by an assigned member of specialist courier staff on an individual basis. It will never be consolidated or co-loaded. Where temperature controlled transport and packaging is required, the dedicated logistics consultants monitor the shipment at all times, ensuring that temperature stability is always maintained before, during and after transport.

The global team of experts manage industry-specific urgent shipments and is on hand 24/7 to answer any questions and save the client’s time-critical, temperature-sensitive clinical trial shipments securely on their way to the customers. Each of the standard operating procedures is open to quality audit.

Key services

  • Specialist handling
  • Individual shipment processing
  • Cold chain management
  • Investigator site support

Value added services

  • Proactive shipment monitoring
  • Pre-qualified packaging
  • Bulk temperature-controlled containers
  • Dry ice supply and replenishment
  • Same day and handcarry services
  • Dangerous goods management


PDP Couriers are always on hand to assist with the supply of both IATA compliant and pre-qualified transport packaging solutions or bulk shipping containers when you do not have them on hand.

Whether it’s the need to provide temperature-controlling solutions for the transport of investigational drugs or biological samples direct to clinical investigator sites or bulk shipments of active pharma ingredients (API) or clinical trial supplies to production facility or country depot, PDP Couriers can assist with the appropriate specialist shipment solution.

Our stock range of biological samples, investigational drugs, APIs and clinical product packaging solutions are manufactured by the world’s leading suppliers and come pre-qualified against a range of hot to hot, hot to cold, cold to hot and cold to cold temperature ramps.

The company’s range of specialist product packaging is available in a variety of sizes to suit most applications. Where a bespoke solution is required PDP Couriers can assist by working hand-in-hand with shipper manufacturers to meet the customers’ needs.

Stock temperature ranges covered include

  • 15-25°C controlled ambient
  • 2-8°C Refrigerated
  • -20°C and -70°C Frozen
  • -180°C deep frozen liquid nitrogen vapour shippers

Wherever a bulk shipping solution is required, PDP Couriers can provide a variety of solutions in both active and passive forms. The global teams are familiar with the handling of these large time and temperature-critical shipments as well as bulk temperature-controlled containers and will ensure that temperature stability is maintained door to door.

Typical bulk shipping container systems include those supplied by:

  • Envirotainer
  • Kryotrans
  • AcuTemp RKN
  • Softbox Silverpod
  • A variety of passive pallet shippers


PDP’s world class reputation as a specialist clinical courier is built on the products and services they provide, their employees and their knowledge, skills and interface with customers, together with the standards they have set across their business. This is why all PDP’s actions and courier operations come under their quality umbrella and why it is a living and critical part of the company’s day-to-day activities.

PDP Couriers’ believe that quality assurance and the principles of best practice are central to providing the standards of service expected in
the clinical trial and healthcare courier disciplines.

PDP Couriers’ primary objective is to ensure that every shipment is delivered on time, every time, in good condition and without incident, ensuring that materials are handled in such a way that there is no adverse impact upon product quality. In order to do this, the company has implemented quality systems and processes which are continually being improved to meet the changing needs of the clients. PDP’s employees around the globe are trained in the principles of Good Distribution Practices (GDP) and all of theiroperations adhere to defined operating procedures. Moreover, PDP Couriers can readily incorporate any specific process which will be included in individually tailored operational plans.


PDP has achieved BS EN ISO 9001:2008 accreditation to ensure that clients receive the very highest levels of service in both business and operational procedures.


PDP are proud to have been audited, assessed and confirmed as a supplier by some of the world’s leading Clinical Research, Biopharmaceutical companies and Public Health Service bodies as a quality assured courier.

PDP Couriers
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