Panel Discussion : Formulation and delivery of vaccines and biologics

The second day of FDD Conclave 2022 continued with insightful discussions and meaningful conversations. One of them was the panel discussion on ‘Formulation and delivery of vaccines and biologics’. It had an eminent panel comprising Dr Ramesh Matur, Sr VP and Head, Vaccines R&D, Biological E (Moderator); Dr Rajendra Lingala, VP & Head R&D, Indian Immunologicals; Dr Vinod Pantula, Head-Vaccines, Dr Reddy’s Laboratories; Dr Prasanna Devaraneni, AVP and Head-Biopharma, Vimta Labs and Dr Rajendar Burki, Associate VP, R&D, Biological E.

The discussion centred around the existing and emerging challenges and opportunities in FR&D and delivery of vaccines and biologics. The panelists examined areas of progress, existing gaps in formulation of biologics and vaccines, and elaborated on the FR&D potential in this sphere. They also shared learnings to recognise and leverage less traditional delivery routes for better health outcomes, examined evolving regulations and explored next-gen approaches to get better results from R&D endeavours.

The panelists also examined the impact of COVID-19 on the formulation development and delivery of vaccines and biologics. They highlighted that the pandemic has accelerated research in this segment and improved our understanding disease management. They spoke on the different vaccine platforms, such as the mRNA technology, that have shown great promise.

The panelists pointed out that vaccine formulation is very complex since it is customised to a disease. They also emphasised that it is time to look for newer routes to deliver a vaccine and discussed the work being done on intranasal vaccines for COVID-19.

They also discussed the role of ingredients in creating strong vaccine delivery systems and stressed on the need to create a robust vaccine supply chain.

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