Panel Discussion: Building FR&D Talent in India | FDD Conclave 2023

FDD Conclave 2023 | Day 2 | 22nd July 2023 | Park Hyatt, Hyderabad

Panelists in this video:
+ Makarand Avachat, EVP-Pharma R&D, Lupin
+ Dr Ashok Omray, Pharma Consultant
+ Suresh Pareek, Angel Investor (Pharma)
+ Vinod Arora, Principal Advisor, IGMPI
+ Dr Girish Jain, Pharma Consultant

+ Viveka Roychowdhury, Editor, Express Pharma & Express Healthcare

Key Highlights:
1) Makarand Avachat, EVP-Pharma R&D, Lupin:
+ Organisations should encourage and enable their employees to upskill and reskill themselves to create quality-conscious and future ready talent in pharma FR&D

2) Dr Ashok Omray, Pharma Consultant:
+ We need strong and meaningful collaborations between industry and academia to build and retain talent in pharma research

3) Vinod Arora, Principal Advisor, IGMPI:
+ Training and upskilling programs in India for FR&D talent should be quality-oriented, and with a focus on skills which will be pivotal in the future

4) Dr Girish Jain, Pharma Consultant:
+ We need to upgrade pharma curriculum, nurture scientific temperament and attitudes, incentivise research and improve remuneration to build FR&D talent

5) Suresh Pareek, Angel Investor (Pharma):
+ Skilling and training at industry level is key. Pharma companies should build centres for training and skill development to enable talent building in the field of pharma research

6) Viveka Roychowdhury, Editor, Express Pharma & Express Healthcare (Moderator):
+ While the pharma industry is striving to go from volume to value, we need to revamp pharma education and nurture talent which will enable the industry to grow

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