Panel Discussion : Advances in Drug Delivery: Modes, approaches and regulatory challenges

The quest for more targeted and controlled drug delivery methods to improve health outcomes is continuous. Therefore, the last panel discussion of Express Pharma’s FDD Conclave 2022, deep dived into the potential in existing drug delivery systems and examined the promise offered by emerging innovations in this space.

The panelists for this session were Dr Ajay Khopade, VP-FR&D, Sun Pharma (Moderator); Anil Kumar R, Sr VP – R&D, Strides Pharma Sciences; Dr Alagumurgan Alagarswamy, VP and Head R&D, Maiva Pharma; Dr Chandrasekhar Kandi, Sr VP-Formulations, Aurobindo Pharma; Dr Pavan Bhat, Executive VP, Natco Pharma; and Dr Sajeev Chandran, Director, Adv. Drug Delivery Research & IVIVC/ Biopharmaceutics, Pharma R&D, Lupin.

They discussed the need to match pace with innovations in formulations and new therapeutic areas. The experts also shared learnings on how novel drug delivery systems can enhance sustained drug delivery, improve drug protection and boost drug adherence. They pointed out that the COVID-19 pandemic has made expedited progress in this sphere, especially in self-administered medicines and connected drug delivery devices.

At the same time, they also advocated caution while deploying and adopting newer technologies like 3D printing and continuous manufacturing. They pointed out that India is a large producer of affordable medicines, hence the cost factor must be considered and evaluated carefully before adoption of any new technology or approach. Stressing on the need to create improved synergies between regulatory agencies and industry to advance innovation in drug delivery, they pointed out that even incremental innovations in drug delivery can improve patient compliance and therapeutic outcomes.

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