Panacea Biotec completes Phase I/II study of DengiAll, a tetravalent dengue vaccine candidate

The company has approached DGCI to seek accelerated review of its data to bring DengiAIl to market quickly

Panacea Biotec has announced the successful completion of its Phase 1/11 study to evaluate the safety and immunogenicity of its vaccine, DengiAlI, a single-dose live-attenuated tetravalent vaccine.

Dr Rajesh Jain, Managing Director, said, “DengiAll’s Phase 1/11 study results are even more important in the context of the COVID-19 pandemic. Co-infection of dengue and COVID-19 in a dengue-endemic India may complicate approach to treatment and strain healthcare infrastructure. Panacea Biotec has already approached the DGCI to seek accelerated review of its data to bring DengiAIl to market quickly and reduce the burden on our healthcare infrastructure.”

Dr Lalitendu Mohanty, Head of Clinical Research, said, “An ideal dengue vaccine must be safe and offer a balanced and robust immune response against all four dengue serotypes. This is where we believe that DengiAIl has shown promising results. I would like to thank virologist Dr Steven Whitehead and the team at the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Disease, US and infectious disease specialist Dr Anna Durbin at the John Hopkins School of Public Health for their continued and unfettered support in this journey to bring DengiAll to market.”

Devender Gupta, CFO, said, “We would like to thank Technology Development Board, Ministry of Science and Technology for supporting Panacea Biotec through financial and technical resources to make DengiAll’s Phase 1/11 Clinical Trials a success.”

With more than 3.9 billion people living in dengue-endemic areas and over 390 million infections per year, DengiAIl targets a global market of over $3 billion, informed the company through a statement.

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