Optel Vision’s innovation in carton serialisation: Flying carton tracker

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The benefit of Optel Vision’s unit is its ability to minimise downtime by quickly integrating into any installation so less production time is lost

Optel Vision’s Flying Carton Tracker (FCT), is a cutting-edge technology bringing carton handling and printing to a whole new level. The FCT is a revolutionary ultra-compact, high-speed carton handling solution with advanced inspection and fully controlled ejection.

This a stand-alone unit allow printing and inspection on cartons with the ability to reject any single carton on the fly. Gripping the carton from the top, this unit is installed over an existing line without cutting or modifying the line layout. The system can handle a wide range of carton sizes with speeds of up to 400 cartons per minute. The unit can be either mobile or fixed into position and can be integrated just after a cartoner or at the end of the production line. This system can be fed automatically or manually by operators.

The benefit of this unit is its ability to minimise downtime by quickly integrating into any installation so less production time is lost. Changeovers are now very fast with only two simple adjustments. The ability to run a large range of carton sizes increases the line agility between various products.

“We wanted to offer a flexible and cost-effective solution that will decrease downtimes by quickly implementing directly on any packaging line without the need of a table or conveyor to hold the cartons,” says Louis Roy, President, Optel Vision.


Ultra compact module
Quick to install and validate
Speed up to 400 cartons / min
Zero inch line extension

While the printing and inspection on the cartons is done in a continuous motion without stopping the item, a camera ensures that the printed information is of good quality otherwise it will be retained and rejected at the top of the machine. Other inspections are also possible such as dimensional measurement of the item, verification of pre-printed information or bar code grading.

Hence, serialised datamatrix print quality is critical to allow the products traceability from the plant to pharmacy. Considering carton quality variability and different formats, it is important to ensure the on-line print process meets print quality requirements and flexibility.

If your line is already equipped with proper carton handling devices, our PharmaProof line solution will handle the print verification, bar code grading and serial number commissioning.

In case your line does not allow precise carton printing, Optel Vision offers this two very flexible solutions which will:

  • Pre-position and hold carton perfectly
  • Print the datamatrix and human-readable codes
  • Verify and grade the printed information
  • Eject faulty carton
  • Carton handling device
  • Print batch information (Lot, Exp, etc)
  • Print serial number (Datamatrix)
  • Flexible printing and camera head positioning
  • Laser, inkjet and HP Coder supported
  • Datamatrix verification and grading
  • Carton tracking and ejection
  • Alarm control
  • Tool-less changeover
  • Servo motor bottom/ top belt control
  • Speed of up to 400 PPM
  • Compact and mobile machine
  • RFID capability
  • Addition of any other inspection

Optel Vision is committed to innovate and answer the challenging demands of its customers. We are proud to bring new flexible solutions to the packaging industry for pharma companies.

To see the live demonstration, Visit Optel Vision Booth: Hall 5, K12 or visit www. flyingcarton.com

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