Online search for Ayurvedic solutions goes up by 10-12 per cent in India – Ayushakti

Currently, the global market of natural healing solutions is at 1.2 billion dollars

Ayushakti has noticed an upward trend in the search of Ayurveda based solutions.  As per internal research conducted, the leading ayurvedic brand has noticed tremendous growth in demand and the online search around which has increased by 10-12 per cent during the pandemic.

Currently, the global market of natural healing solutions is at 1.2 billion dollars, of which the US stands the largest, followed by Germany, Japan, and the UK. Even though India is the origin of Ayurveda, it holds a smaller market size compared to other nations.

In the last few months, around 25 per cent of the US’s population looked up for Ayurveda and around 17 per cent of the population, together with from the UK, Japan, and Germany looked up for the same. Ayushakti holds a great foothold in these developed countries and has 160 partner clinics with 80 per cent doctors from the west in Germany, UK, and the US.

Speaking on the growing demand for Ayurveda solutions, Dr Smita Naram, Co-Founder, Ayushakti, said, “The year 2020 has made people realise the importance of holistic healing and ayurvedic medicines. We have noticed a growing demand in the need of ayurvedic solutions, and with the growth of digital and social media, our team has noticed a great surge in the online search. According to our research, the Indian Ayurvedic product market exhibited double-digit growth during 2014-2019 and has expected to increase at a CAGR of 14 per cent during 2020-2025. It is great to know that our Indian ancient science and healthcare system that has been adopted by cultures globally and the Indian Ayurvedic product market’s is gaining increasing popularity, during the pandemic.”

Ayushakti aims to open multiple franchises across India, in the coming months, to meet the growing demand they have been receiving.

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