Novo Nordisk launches Ryzodeg in India

The new treatment option aims at providing good glycaemic control with fewer injections than a basal-bolus regimen

Novo Nordisk has launched Ryzodeg for people with type II diabetes in India. Ryzodeg is a combination of two distinct insulin analogues (insulin degludec and insulin as part in the ratio of 70 per cent and 30 per cent), making it the first combination of a basal insulin with an ultra-long duration of action and a well-established mealtime insulin in one pen 1,2,3.

Ryzodeg offers adults with type II diabetes successful reductions in HbA1c1,3,4,5, with lower risk of hypoglycaemia versus biphasic insulin aspart 303,4. As Ryzodeg is a combination product it requires fewer daily injections than administering basal and mealtime insulin in separate injections.

Ryzodeg provides successful glycaemic control, fewer injections and reduced rates of hypoglycaemia compared to basal-bolus regimens.


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