Naveen Amar of Hilleman Laboratories bags awards

Receives the ‘100 most influential CFO’s of India’ and Best CFO of the year -Pharmaceutical and Biotech award

Naveen Amar

Naveen Amar, Senior Vice President (Finance, Compliance) and Company Secretary of Hilleman Laboratories, has been honoured with ‘100 Most Influential CFO of India’ award presented by Chartered Institute of Management Accountants (CIMA). He was also awarded Best CFO of the Year (Pharmaceutical and Biotech) at a recently held event in Mumbai.

Speaking on this occasion, Amar said, “I am really blessed to have been honoured with two awards. It is a great privilege when your work is recognised on such a large platform. I am grateful to all those who have been a part of my journey and to everybody at Hilleman Laboratories who are so supportive and believe in me.”

The award acknowledges CFOs with a proven track record of performance, achievements and contribution to the business. The nominees were judged on criteria such as strategic perspective, business goal management, risk management, customer focus and business acumen. Hilleman Laboratories also received The Best Financial Reporting (Small Business) at the ‘Most Influential CFO’s of India’ award.

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