MSN Laboratories to launch favipiravir at Rs 33

The company will be launching it on August 15 under the brand name Favilow

MSN Laboratories plans to launch generic favipiravir under the brand name of Favilow. Each tablet will cost Rs 33. The medicine will be available across the country for the treatment of COVID-19.

Favilow will be available in the strength of 200 mg tablets and would require patients to consume a total of 34 tablets to complete treatment. The medicine will be available at all medical and hospital pharmacies but will be dispensed after examining prescriptions issued by qualified healthcare practitioners.

As told to Express Pharma reporter, Usha Sharma, the company will be launching the drug on August 15 which will be manufactured from its formulation I facility located in Bollaram, Hyderabad.

Bharat Reddy, Executive Director, MSN Laboratories said, “We have capabilities as well as capacities to develop the active pharmaceutical ingredient (APIs) as well as the finished formulation of Favilow. Our manufacturing site in Bollaram has the capacity to produce one billion tablets per annum. However, the production needs to be scaled up to meet the rising demand, we have another facility in Kothur, on the Bangalore-Hyderabad highway, which can be used for fulfilling the requirements.”

Reddy added, “At present, the market has other brands of favipiravir, but the price of those brands is higher than ours. We have conceptualised the brand name, Favilow, considering two factors, one is that it helps in bringing down the virus from the human body and secondly, it is the lowest in its price range.”

The company has already launched anti-viral medication, Oseltamivir 75 mg capsules, under the brand name OSELOW for the treatment of COVID-19. It is also planning to launch Favilow 400 mg.

MSN Laboratories has also launched a COVID-19 helpline – 9100591030 / email:

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  • Dr. Ashok Omray

    Somehow CORONA has exposed the drug industry, CDSCO and FDAs different approaches and attitudes. I wonder why the control on the pricing and distribution of REMDESEVIR and FAVIPIRAVIR was not under direct control of Central Drug Control or Ministry of Health. These drugs are being exclusively recommended for COVID 19. The dosages of REMDESIVIR are having the validity of 3 months only as allowed by CDSCO. The news items appeared frequently in the recent past about the drugs being sold in black market by the people involved in the manufacturing and trade. Practically every week we hear new prices for the FAVIPIRAVIR tablets, it started from ₹ 103 a tablet to almost 1/3 rd now.

    It is unfortunate patients feel cheated and bring exploited. If in such pandemic also the government and regulatory bodies have failed to exercise their powers then what impressions normal people would carry about the drug pricing in our country. There is always a lot of hue and cry about wide gaps in the prices of same drug under different Branded generic products.

    It is high time to think rational and clarify/justify the stand on pricing and availability.

  • Manjunath

    Great job