MSN Group launches Fesobig to treat urinary incontinence and overactive bladder

It is first-line therapy recommended by various international treatment guideline for overactive bladder (OAB) 

MSN Labs announced the launch of Fesobig, the generic version of Fesoterodine Fumarate. Fesobig is recommended as first line pharmacotherapy option by various international treatment guidelines for the treatment of overactive bladder (OAB) and urinary incontinence (UI).

“The launch of Fesobig (Fesoterodine) tablets is in line with our ongoing commitment toresearch inbringing affordable medications across critical therapies for alleviatingthe suffering of the Indian patients,” said Dr MSN Reddy, CMD, MSN Group.

Speaking on occasion,  Bharat Reddy, Executive Director, MSN Group, said, “Besides helping recover from overactive bladder (OAB), we are certain that Fesobig will endow patients with a much confident way of life by eliminating the social and psychological discomfort associated with the condition. We have ensured that drug is priced affordably so that it can benefit a vast majority of patients.”

The prevalence of UI in India is also relatively high, ranging from 10 per cent in rural areas to 34 per cent in urban areas.


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