Micro-nutrient beauty therapy helps prevent ageing on skin: Study

The double blind placebo controlled study conducted involved 80 healthy women aged 35-55 years

Prof. Philippe Humbert

A clinical trial conducted by University Hospital of St Jacques, Besançon (France), Europe’s oldest medical institutes dates back to 1182, which shows that micro-nutrient beauty therapy can help prevent ageing effects of harsh climatic variations on the skin.

The results of the double blind placebo-controlled clinical trial represent the world’s first discovery that oral micronutrient therapy can protect against the negative structural changes in the skin caused by climatic variations. Climatic variations contribute to skin ageing, roughness, reduced skin thickness and elasticity, making the skin ageing visible.

“Appropriate micronutrient therapy can ensure an adequate supply of nutrients to the body, thereby slowing the aging process, enhancing the appearance of the skin & helping overall wellbeing,” said Prof. Philippe Humbert, Head of the Department of Dermatology at the University Hospital of St. Jacques of Besançon (France). Prof. Philippe Humbert is also the world renowned leading expert on skin analysis.

The double blind placebo controlled study conducted involved 80 healthy women aged 35-55 years. Two tablets of Perfectil were given once daily for four months. Clinical trial showed significant increase in skin roughness and micro relief (an indicator of fine lines) in women who did not take the supplement, compared to a consistent protective effect in those taking Perfectil. For all roughness and micro-relief indicators, there was a significant increase from baseline to month four in the placebo group (p<0.05) but no change in the supplement group.High-frequency ultrasound on exposed skin revealed that skin thickness was significantly decreased in the placebo group but was stable in the Perfectil group (p<0.01).

The researchers found that:

  • Women who took the supplement were protected against a marked deterioration in skin micro-relief or volume of fine lines (p<0.01) which was 2.5 times increased in the placebo group compared to Perfectil group.
  • Increase in skin roughness (Rt) in the placebo group (p<0.01) was found to be double than those in the Perfectil group.
  • Significant adverse changes were also reported in Viscoelasticity (p<0.01) and skin thickness (p<0.01) in the group not taking the supplement.

After few months of Perfectil therapy, women could experience improvement in skin texture, marked deterioration in face wrinkles and a younger look. “The positive results of this trial show that women who wish to protect their skin against seasonal changes should consider Perfectil,” added Humbert.

Humbert, said, “These supplements are not gender specific. Both men and women are eligible to consume the supplements.”

In India, Meyer Organics has been licensed for introducing this micro-nutrient therapy, Perfectil, to combat the negative effects of seasonal variations on Indian population to rejuvenate body, help to slow down the aging process.

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