Metropolis Healthcare launches Oncomet

Becomes the first to offer comprehensive reflex testing for conclusive diagnosis in cancer in India

Metropolis Healthcare Ltd launched Oncomet, a specialised division in Oncology Diagnosis in order to make cancer testing affordable and accessible for the Indian population. Oncomet will offer more than 500 varieties of specialised test panels, spanning over screening, diagnostic, predictive, prognostic & theranostic role of laboratory in patient management.

Oncomet is designed to provide conclusive and cost effective cancer testing by correlating all techniques and technology with Morphology which refers to the histological classification of the cancer tissue. Cancer treatment has shifted in recent years to the use of biologic therapeutics that target genomic alterations in cancers, creating demand for more advanced and sensitive genomic testing to identify these alterations. Oncomet will provide diagnostically more significant information and correctly identify mutations present in smaller samples.

An additional initiative of Oncomet is to offer Reflex Testing, an important tool in providing timely, cost-effective and quality care to patients. Reflex Testing is a follow-up testing automatically initiated when certain test results are observed in the laboratory which can be used to clarify or elaborate on primary test results.

As a value addition, Oncomet’s scientific team will be in close contact with the consulting doctor to discuss laboratory findings in detail. The expert team will then take a call on reflex testing and discuss the results again with the consulting doctor to provide conclusive report. This will be done for every single report that presents a complication in diagnosis to remove any element of doubt and offer a report that will aid the doctor in disease management.

Oncomet also has a unique advantage of an esteemed organ – specific experts and consultation services. Organ specific histopathology consultation services are fast catching up in the western world and we are pleased and proud to be the first movers to offer this value addition to our customers. These experts will also build a bio-registry of oncology cases will serve as a reference point for the industry.

Speaking on the occasion Dr. Kirti Chadha, Onco Pathologist & Divisional Head – Oncology said “Oncomet is an initiative to provide affordable and accessible testing for cancer, with the pool of eminent experts & oncopathologists. Our commitment is to adhere to the highest level of quality in laboratory services and patient care”.

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