Mankind Pharma launches Posaconazole tablets to treat black fungus

The tablets have been launched under the brand name POSAFORCE 100

Mankind Pharma has launched Posaconazole Gastro-Resistant tablets with the brand name POSAFORCE 100. Posaconazole gastro-resistant tablets are indicated for treating mucormycosis patients. Recently Posaconazole has also been approved by the Drug Controller General of India (DCGI). In addition, guidelines from AIIMS and ICMR have also recommended the use of Posaconazole as an effective option for the management of mucormycosis. Posaconazole is a USFDA approved antifungal drug.

On the launch, Mankind Pharma commented, “As the cases of black fungus are increasing day by day, the product has been launched under POSACONAZOLE 100 tablets to fight against this infection. We at Mankind always strive to launch affordable medicines with an endeavour to achieve the best quality standards in the pharmaceutical industry.”

Black fungus commonly occurs in soil, and airborne spores often produce infections. Life-threatening conditions like severe COVID-19 infection; prolonged immune suppression or reduced immunity, uncontrolled diabetes mellitus or haematological malignancies and even open wounds contamination with Mucorales can lead to this rare, but if left untreated severe infection.

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