Indigital Technologies launches Indigital Mentor League, an initiative for pharma marketers

Indigital Mentor League is a social media outreach program, an online community service, where industry stalwarts would be sharing their insights in the form of short videos, articles or blogs

Indigital Technologies announced the launch of Indigital Mentor League (IML), a Social Media Outreach program starting from April 19, 2021, for pharma marketers with the help of mentors having industry experience of more than 30 years, through this campaign.

Indigital Mentor League is a continuous program where subject matter experts Dr Ulhas Ganu-CEO, Advisors in Medico-marketing and Management; Rajendra Dhandhukia- Strategy and Leadership Coach; Dr VK Sharma-CEO, Dezin Consulting & Visiting Professor, NMIMS; Prabhakar Bethi- CEO, Zesla Solutions; Deepak Verma, General Manager – Zuventus Healthcare and National VP – Society of Pharmaceutical Education & Research (SPER) would be selecting trending topics like New Product Launch, New Trends in Patient Education, Digital Transformation for Pharma companies, Importance of CPD – Continuous Professional Development, Telehealth & Telemedicine etc. and sharing their knowledge with the pharma product managers.

Speaking about the launch of the IML, Hiren Dhuvad, CEO, Indigital Technologies, said, “Indigital Mentor League is a path-breaking initiative from Indigital Technologies, we are sure this continuous professional development program by the pharma experts will empower the pharma product managers further.”

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