IIIT-Delhi’S AMRSense secure second prize at Trinity Challenge on AMR

AMRSense is a project led by IIIT-Delhi in collaboration with CHRI-PATH, 1mg.com, and ICMR

The Trinity Challenge has announced the winners of its second competition (the Trinity Challenge on Antimicrobial Resistance), aimed at tackling the escalating threat of antimicrobial resistance (AMR). The awarded projects focus on addressing critical data gaps in communities and lower-income countries, which are disproportionately impacted by antibiotic-resistant infections.

IIIT-Delhi announces that the project “AMRSense: Empowering Communities with a Proactive One Health Ecosystem,” led by Prof Tavpritesh Sethi in collaboration with CHRI-PATH, 1mg.com, and ICMR, has secured the joint second prize. The project shares this honor with “OASIS: OneHealth Antimicrobial Stewardship for Informal Health Systems,” also from India. Each joint second prize winner will receive £600,000 in funding over the next three years. All winners will also benefit from ongoing post-award innovation and scaling support.

AMRSense addresses the challenges of engaging, motivating, and training community health workers (CHWs) in AMR surveillance and management, compounded by the lack of a comprehensive data ecosystem and analytics capabilities. In India, where over 900,000 ASHA workers face limited awareness, insufficient training, and low motivation, there is a significant gap in community-level AMR data collection and evidence-based management. AMRSense tackles these issues through four major components: community engagement by empowering CHWs with AI-assisted data recording tools for accurate and simplified data collection; data integration by creating a unified AMR data ecosystem through the integration of antibiotic sales, consumption, and WHONet-compliant surveillance data using open-source tools and APIs; predictive analytics by using federated analytics across the OneHealth ecosystem for integrative insights on AMR; and the AMRaura Scorecard for monitoring and evaluating AMR trends to guide targeted interventions and demonstrate the benefits of data collection.


About the Trinity Challenge

 The Trinity Challenge (TTC) is a charity supporting the creation of data-driven solutions to help protect against global health threats.

The Trinity Challenge on Antimicrobial Resistance has been made possible through funding from the Ineos Oxford Institute for antimicrobial research, the Institute of Philanthropy empowered by The Hong Kong Jockey Club Charities Trust, the Patrick J McGovern Foundation, and Welcome.

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