Honeywell launches BluTag 360TM asset monitoring solution

It provides supply chains with temperature and humidity data for pharma, perishables and electronic goods from manufacturing to point of use

Honeywell introduced a data-monitoring solution that leverages machine learning and blockchain technology to capture critical shipping-condition data of temperature-sensitive goods ranging from pharmaceuticals and perishables to electronics – and can even help address counterfeiting problems that can arise while goods are in transit.

A “Make in India” offering, Honeywell BluTag 360 incorporates temperature and humidity sensors to monitor shipment conditions. BluTag 360 will be manufactured locally and is one of the first products to be launched under the recently-announced Impact by Honeywell brand.

“Sensitive goods need to be properly monitored during their journey from manufacturing to distribution and point of use to ensure temperature does not impact product integrity. Designed for reusability and repeatability, BluTag 360 can enable supply chain visibility by documenting product authenticity from box to pallet – and from pallet to containers. It can support pharmaceutical and logistics companies in building robust supply chains through software that allows end-to-end condition monitoring of shipments,” informed a company through a statement.

“The COVID-19 vaccine distribution process underscores the criticality of knowing specific environmental details about these sensitive products during the logistics process. BluTag 360 enables users to digitally capture, record and retrieve critical data on a single dashboard and generate reports across cold chain shipments,” said Chaitanya Paspuleti, General Manager, Impact by Honeywell.

BluTag 360 comes with USB interface connectivity and provides digitised shipment records in PDF. It can function in an offline mode when network connectivity is poor. The solution can integrate into Enterprise Resource Planning and transportation systems to help with regulatory compliance, and it features proprietary software that supports global data integrity and security standards.

BluTag 360 is the first of an upcoming portfolio of offerings with global certifications to address various regulatory requirements enabling safe vaccine distribution.

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