Holostik India sets up unit in Greater Noida

The unit is for manufacturing of new generation of advanced packaging and wide web holographic soft embossing films

Holostik India has set up a state-of-the-art unit in Greater Noida to manufacture wide web holographic soft embossing films in order to meet the growing demand for anti-counterfeiting solutions, especially in pharma and health sectors, according to a company statement.

According to the statement, at the new packaging unit, the company manufactures new generation of holographic and UV-embossed wide web packaging films, facilitating fresh levels of visual effects, brand enhancement, regulatory compliance and anti-counterfeiting.

“Today, we are seeing advances in application, film coating and manufacturing technology that are rolling back the boundaries for the use of a new generation of advanced holograms, facilitating fresh levels of visual effects, brand enhancement, regulatory compliance and anti-counterfeiting. Holograms have long been adopted by the whole swathes of the global FMCG, healthcare and pharmaceutical industry. To meet the global demand for anti-counterfeiting solutions, the new innovations developed and manufactured by Holostik India will include Nano Optical Image OVDs (Optically Variable Devices). These are the most secure and technologically advanced OVDs or security holograms. The master of these OVDs are shot at a resolution above six lakhs dpi. It can include nano text (up to five microns), nano images, microstructure and much more,” said Shobhit Gupta, Joint Managing Director, Holostik India, in the statement.

He further added, “The other products will include Optashield based on custom holographic technology, which displays two different colours at two different viewing angles. It is among the most secure and convenient authentication device in the anti-counterfeit industry. 3D Labels (printed OVDs) embedded with superior aesthetic elements, designs and security features, 3D labels amplify a product’s visibility on the shelf and adds premium appeal to the brand. Half Scratch QR Code, the half scratch layer over the QR code prevents replication and tampering of the QR code.”

Holostik will continue to invest a minimum of five per cent of the annual budget as it did before on research and development, new packaging and custom supply chain software. Investments will include new digital print machines and authentication technologies. Packaging division infrastructure will also be enhanced for higher production capabilities. We are determined to secure companies, supply chains and human lives from the ill effects of counterfeiting, Gupta concluded in the statement.

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