High-resolution measurements in particle size analysis

New LS 13320 XR, a laser diffraction particle size analyser by Beckman Coulter can measure size distribution from 10 nm to 3500 um, informed Anuj Jindal, Field Marketing Specialist, Beckman Coulter Life Sciences, while addressing the audience present at FDD Conclave 2022.

Elaborating about its properties, he asserted that it is easy to use with better design, it has QA/QC monitoring and the integrated software helps in characterising particles. This system can analyse mono, bi, tri and penta modal samples with no prior information required.

In addition, he said that PIDS technology integrated in this system ensures better detection of nano particles.

Lastly, he said that patented tornado technology for dry powder analysis ensures automatic introduction of sample into dry cell and gives hassle-free size measurement.

Anuj JindalBeckman CoulterFDD Conclave 2022high-resolution measurementsparticle size analysis
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