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Leaders of the whole pharma value chain meet at Pharmaceutical Manufacturing and Packaging Congress (PHARMAP) to find new connections and discuss trends of the industry. The Congress is held on April, 22-23, 2024 in Amsterdam, the Netherlands

Pharmaceutical Manufacturing and Packaging Congress (PHARMAP) is an annual networking event, which has a closed-door format: there are no marketing presentations and only decision-makers, technical, supply chain and procurement specialists of key companies are registered for participation. Speakers from Bayer, F. Hoffmann-La Roche, Sandoz, Takeda, Janssen (Johnson & Johnson), Teva Pharmaceuticals and other pharma leaders join the Congress annually to share experiences and collaborate with like-minded professionals.

“We have a lot of different companies offering solutions and providing services in a different variety of ranges. It’s certainly a good subset and still relatively close to the number of participants, which is always good in terms of networking”, – highlighted Rocco Paracchini, Chief Commersial Officer at Doppel Pharma CDMO, in frames of the interview at PHARMAP 2023. Rocco Paracchinin already registered as a speaker for PHARMAP 2024 and will talk about tech transfer goods and odds.

Mohamed Chalal, New Product Introduction Manufacturing Sr. Supervisor at Janssen (Johnson & Johnson), shared his impression about the Congress during previous edition of PHARMAP:

“The interesting thing here is not only that you come, and you are in the pharma world, but you understand how diverse is the pharma world. That’s not only related to what you do on the daily job, but it’s related to what are the possibilities that you can find and the opportunities that you have around.”

Mohamed Chalal also joins PHARMAP as a speaker in 2024. On the first day of the Congress, he is going to present the speech regarding continuous manufacturing production. The business program of PHARMAP 2024 also includes the following topics of the sessions:

  • Pharma supply chain and logistics challenges
  • Eco-packaging in pharma industry of today
  • Pharmaceutical manufacturing process optimisation and analytical technology (PAT)
  • Patient-centric pharmaceutical packaging: Enhancing safety
  • MES & robotics implementation driving towards Industry 4.0
  • Serialisation and track-and-trace systems in pharmaceutical packaging
  • Quality control and assurance of pharmaceuticals

Join PHARMAP 2024 by filling in the registration form at the official website of the Congress:




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