Glenmark launches FDC of Teneligliptin + Pioglitazone + Metformin

The triple FDC will help improve glycemic control among adults with High HbA1c and high insulin resistance, those whose diabetes is uncontrolled by metformin alone; and those who require the addition of Teneligliptin and Pioglitazone as separate drugs

Glenmark Pharmaceuticals has launched the first triple fixed-dose combination Teneligliptin with Pioglitazone and Metformin in India. Teneligliptin is a widely used DPP4 inhibitor (Dipeptidyl Peptidase 4 inhibitor). This FDC has been launched under the brand name Zita-PioMet and contains Teneligliptin (20 mg) + Pioglitazone (15 mg) + Metformin (500 mg/1000 mg) in a sustained release (SR) formulation. This offers patients with Type 2 diabetes the convenience of once-daily dosing to improve their glycemic control and achieve the targeted HbA1c within 24 weeks.

Alok Malik, EVP & Business Head ‐ India Formulations, Glenmark Pharmaceuticals, said, “Type 2 diabetes patients in India often face issues of beta cell dysfunction along with insulin resistance. In fact, the prevalence of high insulin resistance in India is 38 per cent compared to the global incidence of 15 per cent. Being a leader in diabetes therapy in the country, we are proud to introduce Zita-PioMet, India’s first triple fixed-dose combination for high insulin-resistant type 2 diabetes. The innovative, effective and affordable drug will help improve glycemic control among adult patients with high HbA1c.”

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