Gilead Sciences announces launch of Asia Pacific Rainbow Grants Program in India

This year’s grants program seeks to improve the quality of life of people living with HIV by focusing on three priority areas

Gilead Sciences announced the launch of the 2019 Gilead Asia Pacific Rainbow Grants program, an initiative that supports community-led programs for people living with HIV in the Asia Pacific region. A Gilead Grant Portal for non-governmental or advocacy organizations in India to submit their applications for funding online has been opened. The submission deadline ends on 30 September 2019.

According to a press release issued by Gilead Sciences, this year’s grants program seeks to improve the quality of life of people living with HIV by focusing on three priority areas: 1) access and quality of life; 2) multidisciplinary care; and 3) diversity and inclusion.

In 2016, UNAIDS established the 90-90-90 targets, which aim to diagnose 90 per cent of all HIV-positive persons, provide treatment to 90 percent of those diagnosed and achieve viral suppression for 90 percent of those treated. However, as HIV care evolves, there is an increasing need to look at HIV outcomes beyond viral suppression. The “Fourth 90,” an additional target to the UNAIDS 90-90-90 goals, adds a focus on the experience of people living with the disease, setting a target to ensure their care extends beyond viral suppression to health-related quality of life.

“Gilead has been championing the cause of access to care in India and we believe in the power of partnerships to bring about solutions that can make a difference,” said Rahul Bargaje, MD, Public Health and Medical Affairs Director at Gilead Sciences India. “We hope this grants program will help civil society organizations in India further their efforts in improving HIV management and positively impact the care and support for local community members living with HIV.”

“At Gilead, we believe that strong community partnerships can have a significant impact in improving the care and support for people living with serious diseases,” said Amy Flood, Senior Vice President, Public Affairs, Gilead Sciences. “Gilead’s Asia Pacific Rainbow Grants program is one way that we work with community groups and support projects that place people at the center of care. We look forward to supporting organizations in the region, to help enable people living with HIV reach their fullest potential each day and live a fulfilling life,” she added.

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