Generic Aadhaar to launch 20 generic medicines at 50 per cent less price than branded medicines

These medicines will be available at all its Generic Aadhaar stores across the country from October 25

Generic Aadhaar, a start-up, plans to launch generic medicines of thyroid, hypertension, diabetes, antifungal, gastroenterology, lipidemic and pain management which will be available at minimum 50 per cent price of already existing branded medicines in the market.

The company will be launching 20 generic drugs in the above mentioned therapeutic areas which at all its Generic Aadhaar stores across the country from October 25.

Arjun Deshpande, Founder and CEO, Generic Aadhaar, said, ‘It feels motivating to keep the promise of reaching 100 cities, from Maharashtra to across India, in just four months. Launching our own 20 Generic Aadhaar products also gives immense happiness. Although now the list contains only 20 generic medicines, there are many more drugs which will be added to the list in the coming years.”

Besides this launch, the company also has nearly 30 more products in the pipeline for existing as well as other therapeutic areas. And it expects that their future launches of around 30 generic medicines will be available at the reduced price up to 72 per cent.

To ensure the availability of quality medicines at lower price than branded medicines, it has also tied up with other pharma companies’ manufacturing facilities for different therapeutic categories.

“Generic Aadhaar directly deals with the manufacturer to our central warehouses and from there we distribute to city warehouses, which are located in 100 cities to deal with our franchise outlets and we don’t follow the traditional pharma supply chain business, which leads us to be an innovative rapidly growing start-up pharma company for the betterment of the common man of India,” added Deshpande.

Presently, the company has its presence in nearly 100 cities and going forward it aims to further expand its presence organically in the existing as well as in new cities.

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  • Yash Pal

    Hope the common man will benefit with the much lower costs of medicines. Generic medicines have the same efficacy as the branded ones.

  • Deepika

    Wow…Need of an hour in this Pandemic….We need good quality of medicines in Reasonable Cost….Great Going Generic Aadhaar…👍🏻🇮🇳

  • ashraf patel

    To all the pateints buying generic medicine.
    If any side effects or any adverse effect happen,kindly hold the Generic medical store .
    Dont blame any doc,or any helath care professional.

    What people think ,Pharmaceuticals industry is fool,
    They do lots of hard work on research the molecule, for your safety,
    Various studies are done ,so that the chemical (medicine).is safe for you.
    And these generic stores believes the can replicate the same molecule.
    No problem, its people choice to buy orignal or substandard product .

    But I will request after buying generic medicine,if anything happens don’t blame any Pharma company.

    Call to …….