Formulation and delivery of nutraceuticals and functional foods

Arjun Dasoondi, Associate VP, Innovation and Science, Amway spoke on the topic “Formulation and delivery of nutraceuticals and functional foods.” He said that the company meets customer needs with holistic nutrition health and wellness solutions.

He informed, “Emerging accelerator trends post-COVID-19 are clean label, transparency, sugar movement, food label literacy, sustainability, plant-based movement and fortification.”

He further stated that clean label tends to be closely associated with nature, simplicity, transparency and processing.

He also highlighted that concerns about sugar has increase in last few years, and intensified in the last one year. Moreover, natural or plant-based sweeteners are becoming more popular among consumers.

Dasoondi concluded his presentation by speaking about food labels. “51 per cent to 83 per cent concerns related to food labels have seen an incremental surge from 2012 to 2021 across all demographics,” he notified.

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