Fast-Track your Metals Analysis with Solution-Ready ICP-MS

The Solution-Ready Agilent 7800 ICP-MS combines proven robust hardware, auto-optimization tools, and pre-set methods to simplify routine analysis, making your laboratory more productive, and your results more reliable. The 7800 ICP-MS is extraordinarily easy to set up and use, so you can quickly produce reliable results in the widest range of sample types.

The Agilent 7800 ICP-MS is a robust quadrupole ICP mass spectrometer that combines proven hardware, auto-optimization tools, and preset methods to simplify routine ICP-MS analysis. The 7800 ICP-MS provides high matrix tolerance, wide dynamic range, and effective control of polyatomic interferences using helium mode with kinetic energy discrimination (KED). The 7800 ICP-MS is the ideal choice for reliable analysis of complex, variable, high matrix samples, while also offering high performance for research applications. The 7800 ICP-MS combines performance, ease-of-use, and reliability in a workhorse system that is equally at home in commercial and research laboratories.

Fast track your ICP-MS method development :

  • The ICP-MS MassHunter software provides fast system setup, robust auto-optimization tools and extensive system status monitoring, to ensure consistent, high performance.
  • Routine methods are run from any pre-configured template and include instrument conditions, all analyte information, internal standards, QC, and reporting criteria. Should a new method be needed, ICP-MS MassHunter Method Wizard simplifies the setup process.
  • The software includes performance, tune, QC, and sample report templates. Online tutorials are also supplied for refresher or new user training.
  • Standard operating procedures and methods (SOPs/SOMs) are available for several common applications with more being constantly developed
  • Reduce sample preparation – Unique High Matrix Introduction (HMI) technology, standard on the 7800 ICP-MS, lets you analyze samples containing up to 3% total dissolved solids (TDS) without dilution, reducing sample preparation and saving time.
  • Analyze major and trace analytes in a single run – The wide dynamic range orthogonal detector system (ODS) enables direct analysis of major elements (100s or 1000s of ppm) and trace level analytes (single or sub-ppt) in a single run. The high upper concentration limit reduces sample reruns caused by overrange results.

Download Paper to know how to fast track your metal analysis and method development.

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