Express Pharma-Nutrify Today Boardroom series to be launched this February

The Express Pharma- Nutrify Today Boardroom series, to be held in various cities of India through 2023, is an endeavour to initiate dialogues that would assist the pharma industry to leverage growth through ethical nutraceuticals

Over 30,000 people end up in emergency rooms (ERs) in the US due to abuse of nutraceuticals. But, how can people land up in the emergency ward of hospitals due to something that’s supposed to be good for their health? On a closer look, the most common adverse impacts have been recorded in weight management, anti-ageing, bone health, and skin whitening.

The adverse impact of nutraceuticals manifests over a period of time and that causes larger damage in the body as compared to drugs as most toxic impacts of drugs are known within a week of consumption.

So, with a plethora of bioactive hitting the market with no known long-term impacts and unknown geographical affinity/compatibility to different races, it’s time that nutraceuticals are taken up seriously by regulatory bodies, medical professionals as well as ethical nutraceuticals and pharma companies.

India’s nutraceutical market has achieved a stable growth of 18 per cent per annum and its nutraceutical task force is in place to build this industry backed by a formal panel at the Ministry of Commerce. But it is crucial to ensure that we are not heading towards unforeseen health hazards.

The pharma industry, in the last five to six years, has experimented with nutraceuticals and this has evinced a mixed bag of results. While the excitement to leverage the growth of nutraceuticals continues, the highly scientific-oriented pharma industry gets tangled with issues like a method of clinical proofs, trials, factory audit standards, bioactive standardisation, method validations, and so on.

Some companies like Dr Reddy’s, Sun Pharma, La Renon, and Zuventus have made substantial investments and witnessed growth in their nutraceuticals portfolio, while others are still struggling to find the right entry strategy.

There is a need for pharma industry alignment in nutraceuticals and its business processes. There is also an alignment needed with government bodies to enable the pharma industry to leverage the growth opportunities in nutraceuticals and drive ethical nutraceuticals.

Therefore, the Express Pharma- Nutrify Today Boardroom series, an initiative undertaken by Nutrify Today and Express Pharma along with pharma industry leaders and government leaders seeks to initiate a dialogue that would assist the pharma industry to leverage growth through ethical nutraceuticals. It is also an endeavour to enable government bodies to shape effective policies that would help the growth of the ethical nutraceuticals industry in India through effective engagement with the pharma industry.

The first in the Express Pharma- Nutrify Today Boardroom series, to be held in February this year in Mumbai, will be a select round table discussion on the theme, ‘Isolating Sense out of Nonsense Nutraceuticals: Aligning Nutraceutical Transition of Pharmaceuticals‘. This closed-door round table discussion will witness experts who have already forayed into evidence-based, ethical nutraceuticals explore answers to questions such as:

  • Is nutracovigilance inevitable?
  • Will branded generic pharmaceuticals lead and take control of ethical nutraceuticals?
  • Will regulatory bodies orient towards a pharma-like approach to nutraceuticals?

Other experts will debate and discuss various issues concerning market entry, funding strategies and the fostering of an ecosystem that will nurture India Nutra Inc, thereby opening the gateway to the global centre stage.

Several such thought-leadership discussions will be held as part of

Express Pharma- Nutrify Today Boardroom series in various cities of India throughout 2023.

To be a participant in any of these discussions or for more information, contact: or 

About Nutrify Today 

Nutrify Today is a responsible nutrition business enablement marketplace platform that offers curated market access for ingredients, finished products and supporting service providers (Labs, consultants, investors). It also provides assistance in new product design and commercialisation management and business networking in a pre-screened industry ecosystem group.

Amit Srivastava, Founder of Nutrify Today has been driving the responsible nutrition movement and has tried to bring in scientific application in formulation using its artificial intelligence engine- Nutrify Genie. Amit believes that the future of nutraceuticals will be driven by branded generic pharma and large nutra companies bringing in the era of evidence-based formulations governed by the intervention of healthcare professionals.

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