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Romaco, a leading global supplier of processing and packaging equipment, will display the Macofar LF 200 ST, which is used for high-speed filling of sterile pharmaceutical liquids and the innovative Noack 960 Blister System, at P-MEC in Mumbai.

Macofar LF 200 ST sterile liquid filler

High-speed machines that combine maximum product safety with extreme flexibility are in demand when it comes to filling sterile pharmaceutical liquids into vials. The Macofar LF 200 ST aseptic liquid filler meets these challenges. It is capable of processing injection vials and infusion bottles with an unusually wide range of filling volumes from 0.5 to 500 millilitres.

The maximum filling speed of 12,000 vials an hour is achieved with volumes up to five millilitres. The machine complies with the rigorous cGMP requirements for processing sterile, parenteral pharma liquids. The balcony structure of the Macofar LF 200 ST facilitates a strict separation between the ‘white’ (cleanroom) and ‘grey’ (technical) areas. The critical area passed through by the open vials is very narrow and compact. The slim design of this area guarantees excellent sterility assurance levels (SAL).

Macofar LF 200 ST sterile liquid filler

A vertical laminar flow prevents turbulent air movements in the vicinity of the open vials and stops particles and microorganisms from developing. The bottom-up filling process is intermittent and involves eight servo driven rotary piston pumps. Once filled, the glass or plastic vials are sealed with a rubber stopper and aluminium cap. The Macofar closing system is also suitable for subsequent freeze drying.

The time required to clean and retool this compact machine is comparatively short. The liquid filler consequently unites maximum product safety and quality with outstanding value for money. If desired, the Macofar LF 200 ST can be hooked up to an upstream sterile washing machine, a depyrogenation tunnel and a downstream Promatic cartoner to obtain a complete liquid filling line. The compatibility and system expertise of Romaco’s Macofar and Promatic brands thus generate several key benefits for users.

Noack 960 Blister System

Very good OEE values are a must for smaller batch sizes and frequent product changeovers. Romaco’s Noack 960 Blister System provides an optimal solution for pharma manufacturers and contract packagers operating on a global scale. Short cleaning times, quick format changes and a high level of automation add up to extraordinarily efficient processes when packaging pharma solids. The blister system, which is offered with rotary or platen sealing, packs tablets, soft or hard gelatine capsules and caplets in a variety of shapes and sizes. The interchangeable QuickFeed unit is one of the Noack 960 Blister System’s technical highlights.

Noack 960 Blister System

For the first time, parallel operating steps can now be realised instead of sequential if a second QuickFeed unit is installed. Product changes are completed in less than thirty minutes. Thanks to its smooth, readily accessible surfaces with no edges or corners to get in the way, the Noack technology is extremely fast and easy to clean. Less downtime and hence higher availability are the result.

When teamed up with the Promatic PC 4000 continuous motion cartoner, the Noack 960 Blister System has a packaging capacity of up to 700 blisters and 400 cartons a minute. With their mature servo technology, the Noack and Promatic system components are optimally harmonised and absolutely dependable. The modular layout of the Noack 960 Blister System with its balcony structure assures the highest possible flexibility and efficiency. Finally, the cGMP compliant and OEE certified Romaco technology convinces with excellent value for money.

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